Smart PR Communications
Strategic Marketing Communications
Smart PR Communications
"Quality content can go anywhere.” Shane Smith, CEO Vice Media
Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

“They quickly understand the
gist of the messages I want to
convey. It's apparent that they
do a considerable amount of
research to ensure that the
projects will be enlightening,
entertaining, and the
information will be accurate.
The bottom line is that I would
not hesitate to recommend
Smart Communications.”

Sam K. Duncan
CEO OfficeMax
There have never been as many marketing tools available
as there are now. Many of them are critical for capitalizing
on today's buying process. These tools include:  

•        Select Social Media Utilities
•        Leveraged Content Marketing
•        Search Engine Optimization
•        Print/Broadcast
•        Misc. (tradeshows, events, contests, direct mail, etc.)
•        Marketing Software

Because of this, marketing is now a highly complex and
strategic science. What hasn’t changed is that high quality
copy is still the foundation of every successful marketing
effort.  This is exactly why you need us: we create industry-
leading communications and use every relevant marketing
tool to maximize power and reach.

It’s not enough to be adept, even more important is our
ability to integrate these tools into a cohesive strategy and
our eagerness to stay on top of and master new marketing
tools as they become available.
Smart PR Communications
Strategic Marketing Communications