Smart PR Communications
Smart PR Communications
"Quality content can go anywhere.” Shane Smith, CEO Vice Media
Strategic Marketing Communications
Harvard Business Review Advisory Council
Strategic Marketing Communications
Who we are
  • We are a strategic communications firm that plans,
    develops, creates, and leverages communications for our
  • We specialize in technical and scientific organizations.
  • We are grounded in the classic marketing theory of the
    masters such as Peter Drucker, Theodore Levitt,
    Rosabeth Moss Kanter, and Michael Porter; but everything
    we do is powered by leading-edge marketing tools and
  • And as you may have noticed, we have a strong affinity for
    the Harvard Business Review--the benchmark for effective
What we do
  • Develop communications strategy
  • Create communications (media releases, articles,
    marketing materials, tradeshow support materials, web
    copy, etc.)
  • Leverage what we create through value-add public
  • Follow through with oversight and measurement
Where we shine
  • We strategize and create effective communications.
  • We are master researchers.
  • We work very closely with all of our clients and either meet
    or conference every week.
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